CHILD FELL INTO CISTERN. ~ Four-Year-Old Daughter of Frank P. Logan Is Rescued by Carpenter's Prompt Action.

April 28, 1909

Four-Year-Old Daughter of Frank P.
Logan Is Rescued by Carpen-
ter's Prompt Action.

The timely action of Charles F. Durst, a carpenter working across the street at Thirty-sixth street and Kenwood avenue about 11 o'clock yesterday morning, saved the life of Emily Logan, t he 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Logan, 3524 Kenwood. Little Emily had fallen into a sixteen-foot cistern, at the bottom of which was about 3 feet of water.

The little girl was playing about the yard with Frank P. Logan, Jr., her 6-year-old brother, and Suzanna McKinney, 5 years old, who lives close by. Emily went too close to the mouth of the cistern to peep in, and, losing her balance, fell in. Her brother and little Suzanna ran screaming from the yard. Durst, who was working just across the street, inquired the cause and the excited little ones were barely able to tell him that the little girl was at the bottom of the cistern. Grabbing his ladder he ran to the cistern and was soon at the bottom. The baby was struggling to keep her head above water when Durst reached her.

The daughters of Dr. E. Lee Harrison, across the street from where the accident occurred, was a witness to it. She notified her father and he at once hurried to the Logan home.

"Emily is doing nicely," said Mr. Logan last night, "and we hope for no bad results from the accident. The fact that there was a small amount of water in the cistern no doubt saved her life as, had it been empty, she might have been dashed to death."

Mr. Logan is a member of the grain firm, Holdridge & Logan, 343 Board of Trade building. He was called away from the exchange at the time of the accident.