MEET AFTER TEN YEARS. ~ Navy Yoemen Were Former Schoolmates in Minnesota Town.

April 9, 1909

Navy Yeomen Were Former School-
mates in Minnesota Town.

Ten years ago John R. Rose and Leo A. Ketterer were classmates in the little town of Shakopee, Minn. Rose became afflicted with sea fever, so one day he enlisted in the United States navy. A year later Ketterer also joined the navy.

Yesterday the former schoolmates met in the navy recruiting office in the federal building for the first time since their enlistment. Rose had been chief yeoman at the station here since November, 1908. Ketterer, also chief yeoman, arrived to relieve him, as Rose has been ordered to duty on board the battleship New Jersey of the North Atlantic fleet.

"Hello, Johnny," said Ketterer, as he came into the office to begin work.

"Why, hello," said Rose. "I had almost forgotten you were in the navy. Where have you been the last ten years? I had lost track of you."

Both men have been around the world a time or two and crossed the equator several times. Ketterer has been in the Far East almost constantly since his first enlistment, and was on the Flagship Rainbow when it carried President Taft, then secretary of war, from Manila to Vladivostok.

Yeoman Rose left for the East at 11 o'clock last night.