NEW RELIGIOUS MAGAZINE. ~ "Christian Men" the Title of a Kansas City Monthly.

April 11, 1909

"Christian Men" the Title of a Kan-
sas City Monthly.

"Christian Men" is a new religious magazine published monthly in Kansas City. The space in this magazine is devoted entirely to things pertaining to the church, and while no particular denomination is mentioned, the material more directly affects the Christian church. It is called the organ of the Brotherhood of Disciples of Christ and its work is purely masculine.

The publication deals not with local church affairs in particular, but with the religious activities of the Christian faith all over the country. Under the caption of "Wireless Whispers" news is printed from Christian Churches from all parts of the United States.

At the head of the publication as editor is P. C. McFarlane. R. A. Long is president of the organization, F. Bannister, treasurer, and Mr. McFarlane, secretary. The offices of the company are in the R. A. Long building. On the editorial staff are C. Chilton, T. S. Ridge, R. A. Long, W. Daviess Pittman, Fletcher Cowherd, H. Allen and Burris A. Jenkins.