BOHN REFRIGERATORS. ~ Interesting Demonstration by Son of the Manufacturer.

May 19, 1909

Interesting Demonstration by Son of
the Manufacturer.

There has been going on all week at the Bunting-Stone hardware company's store, 804-806 Walnut street, a particularly interesting demonstration of the celebrated Bohn Syphon refrigerators. The demonstration will continue till the end of the week and is in charge of Will R. Bohn, son of the inventor and manufacturer, who is on a tour of the principal cities of the country. Mr. Bohn is treasurer of the company, whose headquarters are at St. Paul. He is a specially pleasant gentleman, who backs up his enthusiasm for his wares with a record that would be difficult to excel. Dryness is the prominent features of the Bohn refrigerators but there is nothing "dry" about Mr. Bohn's demonstrations.

The Bohn refrigerators are in use on all the railroads of America, Mexico and Canada, and in exclusive use on the Pullman system, the Fred Harvey, and Rock Island eating systems. A more significant indorsement of their merits would be hard to require. They are turned out in St. Paul at the rate of from 1,000 to 1,500 per month and have been on the market for about ten years, their popularity increasing each year. The syphon system prevents condensation on articles in the refrigerator and thus keeps them perfectly dry all the time, the air having complete access to all parts of the box and the condensation being centered on the ice. This obviates all "clamminess" and at the same time prevents the unpleasant mixture of odors. Cheese may be kept next to cake and bacon in the same compartment with strawberries, as an example.

Mr. Bohn is fond of demonstrating the exceeding dryness of his refrigerators with this experiment: He soaks matches in water and in five hours after being placed in the refrigerator they are dry enough to strike. This dryness is accompanied by specially low temperature, which is another strong feature of the Bohn, a uniform temperature of from 38 to 48 degrees being maintained at all times. The demonstration has attracted hundreds of housekeepers this week.