ELECTRIC PARK OPENING. ~ South Side Amusement Resort Begins Its Season Today.

May 23, 1909

South Side Amusement Resort Be-
gins Its Season Today.

Among the offerings for the first week is Ferullo's band, that splendid organization which has won enduring popularity in Kansas City, whose music is as distinctive as is the conducting of its gesticulating leader, Francesco Ferullo. And then there are the sea cows. Unless you have lived on the coast of Florida you have never seen one of these monsters, whose heads are like that of a gentle bovine and whose tails can kill a shark with one stroke. Alligator Joe is as proud of his sea cows as he is of his hoary alligators.

The tickler, the dip coaster and the scenic railway have been so extensively improved that each will provide even more sensations than formerly. A swim in filtered water can be enjoyed in the big tank at the north end of the park together with a sand bath in the recently built beach.

The German village and its vaudeville will be as interesting as ever. The bill for the first week includes: The Gafney troupe, singing and dancing; Anna L. Scannell, toe dancer; Dick and Barney Ferguson, comedy singing and dancing; Grace Passmore, the woman with the baritone voice; and the Iskawa troupe of Japanese acrobats.