IS A KNOWING DOG. ~ Some of the Stunts Performed by "Tige" in Kansas City, Kas.

May 24, 1909

Some of the Stunts Performed by
"Tige" in Kansas City, Kas.
The Famous Dog of Kansas City, Kas.

The remarkable intelligence displayed by Tige, a pedigreed bull dog, belonging to F. J. Wallis, 1224 Hasbrook avenue, Kansas City, Kas., makes him the most popular dog in the city. The circle of acquaintance of this knowing canine is not limited by the immediate neighborhood in which he lives, for practically every school child and many grown persons esteem it a special favor to be greeted as a friend by this descendant of royalty. An enthusiastic audience is never wanting when Tige decides to go through some of the "stunts" which have made him famous. Unlike the ordinary "trick" dog, Tige does not require to be prompted, but of his own accord will go through performances which would make the ordinary circus dog look like an amateur.

Sunday afternoon is matinee day with Tige and upon these occasions an open air performance is given for the benefit of the visitors who come from all parts of Armourdale to see their favorite.

Among the many feats accredited to Tige, aside from the ordinary ones of catching a ball in his mouth, jumping through a hoop and rolling a barrel, are those of climbing an eight-foot post and recovering an object placed upon the top of it. An object thrown onto the roof of a house will be recovered by Tige, who climbs a ladder and leaps from it to the roof. He will jump straight into the air a distance of six and a half feet and swing from a clothes line until told to drop to the ground. He will open sewing machine drawers or like places of concealment to recover hidden articles. A handkerchief given to him will be concealed under a fore leg while the dog pretends to search for it. In addition to his acrobatic accomplishments, Tige has a great reputation as a ratter, having on numerous occasions killed eight rats in three minutes. This thirty-pound brindle bulldog serves the double purpose of chief entertainer for a multitude of school children during the daytime and a faithful guardian of his master's premises at night.