LIVERYMAN OWN DETECTIVE. ~ Independence Man Recovers Valuable Horse and Buggy.

May 12, 1909

Independence Man Recovers Valu-
able Horse and Buggy.

As Thomas Hughes, an Independence liveryman, was walking on Walnut street near Missouri avenue, yesterday afternoon he was wondering what had become of a fine horse and buggy, which had disappeared from his barn the night before. Hughes was on his way to police headquarters, in fact, to talk it over with the cops, when lo and behold, he espied the missing nag and vehicle. Walter Ayers and W. H. Dunn, young men, were in the buggy.

Hughes grabbed the horse by the bridle and then called Patrolman Henry Harris, who arrested Ayers and Dunn. The former lives about five miles from Independence, while Dunn says his home is in Kansas City. Hughes took his horse and buggy to Independence. The young men are being held for investigation.