TO ARREST DEPUTY SHERIFF. ~ Country Constable Had Warrant For Tobacco Law Violation.

May 21, 1909
County Constable Had Warrant for
Tobacco Law Violation.

William Milor, a constable from Justice of the Peace John White's court at Merriam, Johnson county, Kas., walked into the sheriff's office in Kansas City, Kas., yesterday morning and served a warrant on Deputy Sheriff C. Q. Lukins, charging him with having given a cigar to a minor in Merriam last Tuesday. Under the anti-cigarette and tobacco law passed at the last Kansas legislature, to give or sell a minor tobacco constitutes a misdemeanor.

Under Sheriff Joseph Brady, Deputy Sheriff Lukins and other members of Sheriff Al Becker's force enjoyed a good laugh at the expense of the country constable. The warrant was of the John Doe variety and was worthless inasmuch as a justice of the peace of one county cannot issue a warrant and have his constable serve it upon a resident of another county. Deputy Sheriff Lukins says he has not been in Johnson county for several years.

The rural constable, however, felt sure that Mr. Lukins was none other than the John Doe wanted by Justice White, and he said he would return for his man after he secures a legal warrant.