BRADY MURDER TRIAL TODAY. ~ No Relatives of Flanagan Will Attend the Hearing.

June 8, 1909

No Relatives of Flanagan Will At-
tend the Hearing.

None of the relatives of Joseph E. Flanagan will be in the criminal court today when testimony begins in the case charging Leon H. Brady with Flanagan's death. A telegram was received yesterday by the prosecutor from Martin J. Flanagan, brother of the dead man, to the effect that Mrs. Joseph Flanagan was too ill to undertake the trip to Kansas City. The family home is in Cleveland, O.

Brady is charged with murder in the second degree. He is 31 years old, a son of Joseph H. Brady, chief engineer for the board of education, in whose offices he is employed. He shot and killed Flanagan March 24 in the Angelus boarding house, 1014 East Fifteenth street, where both lived. The killing came after Mrs. Brady, who is 23 years old, had told her husband that Flanagan had mistreated her while she was under the influence of drugs. Flanagan lived only a few hours.

The thirty-four men composing the venire from which the jury will be selected were chosen in the criminal court yesterday. It might not take more than a day to hear the testimony, in the opinion of W. S. Gabriel and Ruby D. Garrett, assistant prosecuting attorneys, who are conducting the case for the state.

General Milton Moore, Horace Kimbrell and S. A. Handy, for the defense, will urge a husband's desire to protect his wife as justification for the killing. Mrs. Brady will take the stand in her husband's behalf. Self-defense may also be a plea.

In his dying statement, Flanagan denied having paid anything but respectful attention to Mrs. Brady.