"CAPTAIN SCRAPPY" SURVIVED. ~ Rooster Was Buried Under Stable Floor for Seventeen Days.

June 2, 1909

Rooster Was Buried Under Stable
Floor for Seventeen Days.

To be blown away in a cyclone May 24, to land on his back with the floor of the stable in which he had roosted holding him in that position, and nto remain there for seventeen days before he was rescued Monday evening, was the fate of "Captain Scrappy," a "brindle" rooster owned by Alexander Harness, 100 Hardy avenue, Fairmount park. "Captain Scrappy" was immediately given food and drink and had revived to such an extent by yesterday morning when Mr. Harness left for work that he fed himself and drank from a pan of water placed in front of him. The "Captain's" legs appear to be partially paralyzed from his long confinement in the small space beneath the floor.

"When the storm came," said Mr. Harness yesterday, "it took the windows out of the front end of my house, tore off some of the roof and blew my barn away, all but the floor, so completely that I have never found a piece of it. The floor was moved about seventy-five feet.

"All of my chickens were roosting in the barn and how that rooster landed beneath that floor, after being perched above it, would be hard to explain. I lost about eighty young chickens chickens and fold ones, now that 'Captain Scrappy' has been resurrected.

"My neighbors were helping me move the barn floor Monday night, just seventeen days from the time of the cyclone. When I saw the 'Captain' lying there flat on his back I naturally believed him to be dead but when I picked him up he blinked when the light struck his eyes. By holding his mouth open we managed to get food and water down the fighting rooster's throat. This morning he had revived considerably and I believe I may save him yet again. When I go home this evening I am going to massage his cramped limbs and see if some action cannot be rubbed into them."

Mr. Harness is employed by the George B. Peck Dry Goods Company.