PET HEN TAKES A TRIP. ~ Precocious Fowl Entertains Travelers With Tricks at Union Depot.

June 13, 1909

Precocious Fowl Entertains Travel-
ers With Tricks at Union Depot.

Much amusement was afforded patrons at the Union depot yesterday when A. E. Munden and his wife arrived at the station carrying in a basket what appeared to be an ordinary speckled hen, and later proceeded to put the chicken through a number of "stunts." The hen's principal accomplishment was "singing." The old couple were on their way to Coffeyville, Kas.

Whenever told to sing, the hen would emit a long, continuous cackle and seemed to get as much satisfaction out of it as the bystanders who stood around and applauded. Another trick of the chicken was to ruffle her feathers and scratch her head with her foot when told there were creepers on her.

The hen strutted about the corridors on the lower floor of the depot, seemingly as much at home as if she were in her own barnyard. Mr. Munden said that he had been more than a year training the chicken and it had come to be a family pet. She has never laid an egg.