TRACING IMMIGRANT'S WORK. ~ Commissioner Redd Here to Get Statistics for Government.

June 15, 1909

Commissioner Redd Here to Get
Statistics for Government.

To gather data regarding the effect of immigration on American industries, S. M. Redd, an agent of the United States immigration commission at Washington, arrived in Kansas City yesterday and will remain her several days preparing reports for the various contractors.

"It is the in tention of the commission to ascertain as near as possible the number of men and women employed in this country by the different industries," said Mr. Redd at the Kupper hotel yesterday. "A question card which we ask all employers to have filed out for every individual working for him, shows the nativity of the person in question and the parents, place and date of birth, earning capacity, and in fact, all of the important facts."

Mr. Redd said that often he had trouble getting employers to understand what he wanted.

"One man thought I was an agent for an employment bureau," he declared, "and insisted that he did not want any men and didn't have any to recommend to me. Others get shy immediately when the proposition is laid before them, believing perhaps that it is for the purpose of getting information to be used against the employes or that it is a scheme to take the employes away."