ELEVATOR DROPPED 4 FLOORS. ~ None of the Passengers in Temple Building Seriously Hurt.

July 7, 1909

None of the Passengers in Temple Build-
ing Seriously Hurt.

Dropping four floors with out seriously injuring anyone was the record made by the new electric elevator in the Temple building, Missouri avenue and Main street, yesterday afternoon.

The elevator had started up from the first floor with four passengers. As it neared the fourth an elderly man approached the cage. The elevator boy did not notice him and did not make the fourth floor stop. The old man asked the boy if he were not going to stop, whereupon the boy brought his car to a sudden stop a few feet above the fourth floor landing. In sudden strain, the cable which held the car gave way and the lift started down. The automatic catches kept it from falling rapidly. At the second floor the elevator boy gained partial control by using the emergency lever, and the car slowly settled, hitting the bottom of the elevator pit with a thump which jarred the passengers sharply, but hurt no one seriously.

Miss Laura Catherman, 1419 Minnesota avenue, Kansas City, Kas., received a slight sprain on her left ankle.

The passengers were prisoners in the pit for nearly half an hour.