HE WENT BACK WITH LICENSE. ~ Chicagoan S pent Weeks Trying Kansas Document in Missouri.

July 13, 1909

Chicagoan Spent Weeks Trying Kan-
sas Document in Missouri.

A man giving his name as David Tillman and his address as Chicago went to the office of Van B. Prather, probate judge of Wyandotte county June 28 and asked for a marriage license for Pazatta Jackson of Richmond, Mo., and himself. The license was granted and he went away smiling. Yesterday he returned to the judge's office accompanied by his fiancee.

"Judge, why didn't you tell me that license wasn't good in Missouri?" he asked. "After I got that license I went to St. Joseph, Mo., to meet the girl and get married. When I got there they wouldn't marry us. I was afraid to get a new license for fear I would be arrested, so I had to wait until I could come back here. And what's more it cost me $8 for car fare."

The judge explained that the license could have been mailed to him or destroyed and no offense committed in getting a new one in Missouri. The judge then married couple.