THREE 'OLD CRONIES' MEET. ~ W. E. Hutton, E. S. Jewett and Henry Garland Have Reunion.

July 21, 1909

W. E. Hutton, E. S. Jewett and
Henry Garland Have Reunion.

In 1867 W. E. Hutton was general Western passenger agent of the Missouri Pacific in Kansas City, and E. S. Jewett was ticket agent. Henry Garland was with the St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern, as the Wabash was known in that year. The three old cronies met again yesterday, Mr. Hutton coming on from his home in Cincinnati for the reunion. Their anecdotes sounded like frontier stories.

"I lived right over there in a hotel kept by 'General' Crafton," said Mr. Hutton as he sat in the Missouri Pacific ticket office yesterday afternoon, indicating the Diamond drug store. " 'General' Crafton had been in the army."

"So he said," added Mr. Garland, and Colonel Jewett had to laugh at the boast of an old hotel man, who "kept tables" in a place run by Ed Findlay's father, where they never closed the door and the ceiling was the limit.

"And there was a millinery store kept by a little woman right there," continued Mr. Hutton, indicating Ninth and Delaware. "Her name was Marsh, and I recollect her trying to get a loan of $2,700 on the place. She afterward sold it for a vast amount of money."

"Wrong there, Billy," corrected Mr. Garland. "She owns the place yet, but she has had a fabulous sum of money from it in the way of rents."

Mr. Hutton told of going to Fort Scott and to Lawrence by stage. The center of the city then was Fifth and Main and gambling was the chief excitement. Colonel Jewett is still in the harness. Mr. Garland retired ten years ago. Mr. Hutton is now in the bond and brokerage business. All three are wealthy.