ONE GIRL IS GRATEFUL. ~ "Ella" Sends Flowers and Fruit to Woman Who Saved Her.

August 16, 1909

"Ella" Sends Flowers and Fruit to
Woman Who Saved Her.

Dear Matron -- Here is a basket of the nicest peaches I could find. Hope you will enjoy them. ELLA.
This note accompanied a basket of fruit which reached the Depot matron, Mrs. Ollie Everingham, yesterday. It came from a Western Kansas town, and back of it lies a little story of a girl saved from the wiles of the city.

A year ago "Ella," whose other name Mrs. Everingham has forgotten, came to Kansas City from Southern Missouri. She was an unsophisticated country girl and she wore a rose on her left side. The matron learned that she was waiting for the man who had promised to marry her, but whom she had never seen.

Their acquaintance had been brought about through a matrimonial paper and their courtship was carried on through correspondence. She had a packet of his letters, in which he declared his love for her and in which he said that he had an excellent position with one of the banks. She had her little marriage dot, something like $100, tightly done up in a bit of handkerchief. The man whom she was looking for was also to wear a rose.

One of the detectives at the depot heard the girl's story and an hour later he caught sight of a man wearing a rose who was evidently looking for someone. It did not take the detective long to ascertain that it was the girl's supposed fiancee. The stranger discovered that he had been talking with a detective, excused himself and got away.

It was hard to tell "Ella," who then declared she would not go home. She said she would go out to Kansas and live there. Since then Mrs. Everingham has received at various times boxes of flowers and fruit from the grateful girl.