PREFERS DYING AT HOME. ~ Ten-Year-Old Boy Wants His Playmates Near When End Comes.

August 21, 1909

Ten-Year-Old Boy Wants His Play-
mates Near When End Comes.

"If I have to die and go to heaven, I want to be at home, where all my playmates are," said 10-year-old Royal Schick of Albuquerque, N. M., who, in charge of his mother, Mrs. Robert Schick, passed through the Union depot yesterday on their way home from a visit in Dubuque, Ia., where the boy had been advised to go in the hope that it would benefit his health.

Royal is suffering from a severe case of kidney trouble which has baffled the physicians of the New Mexico city. The case developed over a year ago, up to which time his mother says he was apparently in as good health as any of the boys of his town. Since then he has gradually wasted away.

A moth ago the physicians at Albuquerque recommended a change in climate. The Northern trip was suggested, as it would be cool, and then it was hoped that the lower altitude might prove beneficial. The little fellow grew worse and finally begged his mother to take him back home. Mrs. Schick missed the early train for the Southwest and had to remain at the depot all day. The little fellow was made comfortable in the hospital ward in the depot until night.