COOK-PEARY TOYS ARE HERE. ~ Partisanship Must Be Shown, However, in Selection fo Playthings.

September 22, 1909

Partisanship Must Be Shown, How-
ever, in Selection of Playthings.

It is here. The Cook and Peary controversy, with the ingenuity of American toymakers in mind, could not end otherwise than in a toy.

No matter how bitterly the controversy may rage in scientific quarters or how the peace of households be threatened, children will be left to themselves to enjoy the new toy, though, though they will have to be partisans to the extent of choosing between the two explorers who claim they have been first in finding the "big nail."

A Philadelphia toy seller landed here yesterday with samples of the new toy. It follows the old Teddy Bear in some respects, though a white coat on the bear figure has replaced the brown teddy, showing that it is a genuine polar bear.

The old monkey-on-a-stick device is used. You pull a string and the polar bear climbs to the top. A United States flag slides out of the center of the stick. If you are a Cookite, a slim pennant with that explorer's name will float out to the breeze. If you are a Pearyite, out comes his name on the pennant. It's merely a question of whether you bought a Cook or a Peary polar bear.