VISITED ADMIRAL SEBREE. ~ Brother of Naval Commander Back From Pacific Coast.

September 1, 1909

Brother of Naval Commander Back
From Pacific Coast.

Frank P. Sebree is home from the Pacific coast, where he went to pay a visit to his brother, the admiral. Admiral Uriel Sebree is assembling a fleet of seventeen ships to make a cruise across Japan prior to his retiring under the age limit next February. The admiral and eight ships under him just now are among the most conspicuous attractions at Seattle.

"The grandest sight I saw was that fleet," said Mr. Sebree yesterday, "and the oddest was the salmon. The salmon is about the oddest fish they meet anywhere. It is born in fresh water and remains inland till it is two or three inches long. Then it goes to sea and remains away four years. N o salmon, save for a few strays, go back to the fresh waters during the second or third year, but the fourth year the whole school has a homecoming, and it comes all at once. The story they told me is that the salmon comes back home to spawn and to remain till it dies. The canners watch for the homecoming and set their nets. I saw one net, thirty-five feet each way, top side and bottom, so full of fish that it did not seem to me they could get any more in it. The estimate was 60,000 salmon in that net. I think they must have weighed about five to seven pounds easy.

"Where the salmon spends its time during those four long years it is absent, what it feeds on or how it knows to come back is all mystery. The fish are all fat and yet they have scarcely any place in their 'innards' to put food, if they eat any."