ASK THOMPSON AND M'FARLAND TO SIGN. ~ Top Notch Lightweights May Fight Here Nov. 1.

October 18, 1909

Top Notch Lightweights May
Fight Here Nov. 1.

Packy McFarland and "Cyclone" Johnny Thompson will probably be matched for a ten round bout in this city November 1. The Empire Athletic Club has made arrangements to rent the Hippodrome for that night for the purpose of holding a boxing contest and the two fighters mentioned are the ones the club has been trying to bring here for more than a month.

When McFarland and Thompson were last seen in regard to fighting in Kansas City they stated that they must have two weeks in which to train. They were notified last night that the date of November 1 has been made for the match and were asked to sign the articles of agreement. If the fighters are in earnest there will be no trouble in pulling off the bout. McFarland and Thompson have been anxious to fight for the last two years but have never been given the proper inducements. One has always claimed the other was afraid but it looks as though they will have to show themselves now that the Empire Club has the match practically cinched and unless one shows the white feather they will fight here on the date mentioned. McFarland and Thompson have been in light training in Chicago, expecting this match to be made. They will post a forfeit of $500 each, which may go as a side bet. If this bout is staged here it will be the best offering local followers of the roped arena have had in several years. These fighters are in the top notch class.

Matchmaker Cass Welsh went to St. Louis last night and will return to this city Tuesday. It is expected that the match will be definitely settled by that time.