MADE THREE WILLS. ~ Changes Were Made When Interests Outgrew Previous Will.

October 4, 1909

Changes Were Made When Interests
Outgrew Previous Will.

In a will made three years ago he provided for the disposal of his estate after his death. Several years ago he made his first will, but the interests evidently outgrew the scope of this instrument for later he made a new one and still later a third one.

Each was destroyed without the contents being known to anyone except the testators and his legal adviser. For several weeks before his death, he carried the will about with him, pinning the document in one of his coat pockets.

W. S. Spangler, 3604 East Tenth street, since 1903 Mr. Swope's business manager, stated last night that he did not know the exact terms of the capitalist's will. He believes, however, that the entire fortune is to be divided among the legal heirs.

Mr. Swope said recently that he had intended to leave each heir sufficient property to net the owner an annual income of $12,000, and that he hoped to arrange to give the remainder of the fortune, which is estimated to be about $1,000,000, to Kansas City charitable organizations.

A few days before his death, he is quoted as saying:

"If I am allowed to live just long enough to make this provision in my will, so that I may benefit the poor people of Kansas City in some way , I will be ready and willing to die."

He did not live to accomplish this purpose, however, and it is very improbable that any part of the fortune will be set aside for charity as its owner had planned that it should be.