ONE WAY TO "DUCK" SAMPLES. ~ Concrete Walk Caves in and Precipitates Distributor Into Cellar.

October 8, 1909

Concrete Walk Caves in and Pre-
cipitates Distributor Into Cellar.

While Mrs. Edith Sampson was sweeping the front porch at 510 Olive street yesterday morning about 9 o'clock, she saw a distributor of samples approaching. Intent on her task, she gave the broom two or three more vigorous turns, then looked up again expecting to be handed a sample. no man was in sight.

She looked further and found a hole in the front walk where the man should have been standing. Closer inspection revealed the sample man himself at the bottom of the hole, well covered with pulverized concrete.

Several of the hexagonal blocks of which the walk is made up, had given way beneath his weight and precipitated him into the cellar which projects under the walk.

The man made his exit by way of the cellar steps, not badly hurt.