MARRIED HALF A CENTURY. ~ Golden Wedding Jubilee for Mr. and Mrs. James H. Prather.

November 20, 1909

Golden Wedding Jubilee for Mr.
and Mrs. James H. Prather.

As fortunate a fifty years of married life as has ever been celebrated is that of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Prather of Clay county, who will observe the anniversary Monday afternoon and night, first at their home, three miles north of Harlem, and then at the home of their eldest daughter, Mrs. W. J. Campbell at 2618 Olive street.

During the half century since this pair became man and wife they became parents of six children, grandparents of fourteen children and great-grandparents of two children, and there has not been a divorce, a death or any great trouble in the family.

James Prather, who is now 70 years old, is living in a stately farm house on the site of a log cabin in which he was born. His father, Barrett Prather, acquired the 120 acres comprising the farm, in 1832, when it was valued at $1.25 an acre. Clay county real estate has gone booming since that date and $700 an acre is an average value now.

Mrs. Prather, who was Miss Margaret Emma Bradhurst, comes of a prominent Clay county family and was born but a few miles away from the Prather acres. She is 69 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Prather are possessed of sound bodily health and minds. Neither has experienced much sickness since their marriage. The names of the children are: Edward V. Prather, John B. Prather, Mrs. W. J. Campbell, Mrs. Oscar Westheffer, Mrs. George Barnes and Mrs. Rev. W. J. Parvin. All the children are married and every one of the descendants live within 100 miles of the farm and will be at the anniversary.