SKYE TERRIER CAME BACK. ~ Red Caps Shipped Stray Dogs From Depot Yesterday.

November 8, 1909

Red Caps Shipped Stray Dogs From
Depot Yesterday.

A small skye terrier, covered with mud, wet and bedraggled, his tongue hanging far out of his mouth and his tail between his legs, slunk into the Union depot late yesterday afternoon. He scampered across the floor to see the woman's waiting room and there close to a radiator found a warm spot where he cuddled up far out of sight.

The terrier was the only one of a score of dogs lost, strayed, stolen or deserted that have been making their home at the Union depot who returned after having been captured and surreptitiously placed on outgoing trains by members of the Red Cap brigade. It is likely that the rest will return if they can find their way back.

The Union depot is about as close to dog heaven as a stray would find in many days' wanderings. The waiting room and nooks and corners in the baggage and mail rooms are always nice and warm. Then the food is far above the average dog food. Sympathetic little girls with chicken and ham sandwiches think nothing of feeding them to the dogs and going hungry.

Once it was reported at the depot, a dog died of the gout, so well had it been fed. It takes but a couple of days for the leanest canine to take on a nice glossy coat.

It may be humane to take care of the dogs and permit them to eat the lunch leavings, but the attaches of the depot declare they are a nuisance, so during the summer the dog catcher never leaves the depot empty handed. His visits to the depot are fewer in the fall and winter and the strays who happen along come to regard the depot as their legitimate home.

Yesterday was dull day at the depot. Both incoming and outgoing trains were very light and half a dozen of the Red Caps found time hanging heavily on their hands.

"Let's give the dogs a ride today. They might enjoy a Sunday railroad excursion," was the suggestion of one.

A moment later several Red Caps were hunting up the dogs about the station. They played no favorites.

That it was not easy to get the dogs on the trains without the knowledge of the train crew was quickly discovered. Various plans were adopted. Some of the dogs were smuggled on the sleeping cars, others got into the day coaches and the rest were put on blind baggage or in the mail or baggage cars.

The little skye terrier, who found his way back will probably be allowed to remain at the depot as a mascot.