ANCIENT BEAVER HAT BACK. ~ After 35-Year Rest It Again Is Latest in Style.

December 13, 1909

After 35-Year Rest It Again Is Lat-
est in Style.

"I saw a number of men's beaver hats flitting around the lobby today, and they reminded me of when I was a little boy," said Vinton Bell, depot master at the Union depot, said yesterday.

"Years ago, I don't care to say how many, they were all the rage, and everybody had one. I recollect having seen cowboys with blue beavers with yellow bands riding into town in great style. Then they went out of fashion, apparently never to return. It was generally conceded that they were too effeminate for the masculine gender of this progressive country, but here they are again, sure enough."

The new men's beaver is in all colors of the rainbow, blue, purple and green predominating. Traveling salesmen and actors have been the most ready purchasers of the new fad so far, but those who have them for sale say one can never tell who will take up with them next.

The men's beaver went out of style about thirty-five years ago. In certain Western districts beaver hats were worn long after the species had become extinct and in cities.