EQUAL SHARE FOR ALL. ~ United Order of Enoch to Have Communistic Settlement.

January 14, 1910

United Order of Enoch to Have
Communistic Settlement.

A communistic settlement, following in general the ideas of the late Henry George, is planned by the Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints at Independence, in articles of association filed in the circuit court. The United Order of Enoch is the name chosen.

The purpose of this association, says the petition, is for a "Benevolent society to work in the interest of the poor and needy; to supply work for the unemployed; to build homes and furnish social entertainment for its members." There is to be a common store house. At the annual meeting last April, at Lamoni, Ia., the local members of the Latter Day Saints' church were instructed to organize an association of this kind.

In addition to securing homes for the poor and equal opportunities for the needy, financial, educational and social, the association is to promote temperance, morality and the equality of the members. It is "To provide against selfishness and covetousness," and there is to be a "voluntary co-operation in the use, application and distribution of wealth." It is not to be run for individual pecuniary profit. All property is to be held in common and the debts of members are to be paid by the association. The boys and girls are to be educated in the public schools and later sent to college.

The petition provides for an annual settlement of the "stewardships." All surplus in worldly goods is to be turned into the common treasury, and an itemized account of what is needed for the coming year filed with the officers and directors. In case of a shortage, after a "faithful performance of duty," the member is to be supplied from the common treasury. "Each one is to seek to the interest and good of his neighbor. the annual meeting of the officers and directors is to be held the first Monday in April.

The officers are: E. L. Kelley, president, F. M. Smith, secretary, Ellis Short, treasurer.