SEE RAINBOW AND THE BAG OF GOLD. ~ Reputed Hiers to Vast German Estate Retain Lawyer to Fight Claims.

January 9, 1910

Reputed Hiers to Vast Ger-
man Estate Retain Law-
yer to Fight Claims.

Sixty reputed heirs to the estates of Baron Ludwig von Fischer gathered at the Metropolitan hotel in Independence yesterday for the purpose of taking aggressive measures to recover form the German government $80,000,000 said to be awaiting them.

For the past thirty-eight years strenuous endeavors have been made by a number of heirs to obtain title to the property, but it has been hard to establish identity or form a plan which will prove acceptable to the whole. The gathering yesterday filled the hotel dining room, and heirs and their representatives from various states were present.

The story of the estates of Baron Fischer resembles many other similar stories and has bee handed down from generation to generation.


Baron Fischer lived in Baden, Germany, in the latter part of the sixteenth century. He had two sons. One of them was a great nimrod and one day entered the forests and by accident got upon the game preserves of the king. He shot a deer there, and the game warden notified him that he had better flee to America. The boy feared the king's wrath and sailed for America, locating in Madison county, Va. The other son remained in the old country and the estates went to him.

Time passed and a search was made for the missing brother, who was found in America. the German estates, he was informed, later, had been left by a will to him as was also a large amount of property in this country. Fearing to return to the old country, the baron allowed the estate to go to the German government for the building of a canal. He died in this country, but he left his estate to his three sons. One of them was educated for the purpose of returning to the fatherland to establish his lineage. After reaching maturity he set sail and en route died of smallpox. The papers and identification documents were buried with him at sea.


The heirs in this country took up the fight and all manner of schemes have been formulated. Much money has been expended without result. Some years ago a lawyer was employed to go over to Germany. He went, so the story goes, but came back with nothing to say and plenty of spending money for the balance of his days.

The heirs are now renewing their effort. Yesterday the gathering was for the purpose of entering into a contract with Attorney Emory Smith, of Fort Worth, Tex., for one-third of the amount secured. It took some time to agree upon the carefully worded document which was finally signed.

Fifteen similar gatherings have been held in Independence by the Fischer heirs and when these reunions take place the rainbow with the bag of gold at the end is painted in all of its colors. Some say the estate will amount to $150,000,000. In the United States there are 450 heirs, as far as known.