February 7, 1910

Police Hold Thirteen Suspected of
Being Professional Beggars.

What the police believe to be an organized gang of professional beggars was effectually broken up yesterday morning, when thirteen men and women were taken from 12 East Missouri avenue to police headquarters pending investigation.

Tacked on the back of a door of their quarters was a placard on which was written the dates of various forthcoming attractions at Convention hall, presumably compiled as a reminder of the "on nights." The circus to open in the big hall on February 14 was noted, together with the auto show to be held February 28. The telephone number of Convention hall was also jotted down across the bottom of the card.

Three men who gave their names as Ed Murray, Harry Beach and George Wilson were apparently the leaders, as "general orders" by each of them posted about the walls of the room, indicated that the others were directed where and when to "work."

One of the women had a 3-year-old child and the police say she has been seen several times begging on the streets with her baby in her arms. It is understood that the nickels and dimes collected went into a general fund which was apportioned and divided according to the standing of each member.