April 16, 1916

As Negro Saves Boys Employer's Motor Car is Stolen.

The north side of the city market was the center of excitement at 7 o'clock last night when a frightened horse ran from Wyandotte to Walnut streets on Fourth street. The heroism of a negro probably saved the lives of two little Italian boys who were in an express wagon behind the runaway animal.

The horse passed police headquarters at great speed. Paul Weitkam, a police chauffeur, made an attempt to seize the bridle of the horse, which swerved to one side and continued toward the market. A Holmes street car was unloading passengers at Fourth street at the time and a large crowd had collected at the market.

A negro, Jesse Morrison, employed at a stand in the market, was loading potatoes into an automobile. he saw the danger of the boys and in the swaying wagon and seized the horse by the bridle. The negro was dragged twenty-five yards but was uninjured. The horse came to a stop within a few feet of the street car. The father of the boys, who sprinted to the market from Wyandotte street, arrived and drove off without giving Officer A. A. Given his name.

Carl Swanson, Morrison's employer, was the real sufferer in the affair. He was one of the crowd who ran to the wagon and he was gone from his stand only a few minutes. When he returned his automobile had disappeared. He caught a glimpse of the machine, which was loaded with several sacks of potatoes and oranges, traveling south on Walnut street.