April 16, 1916

Fred Wolferman Opens Branch Store on Main and Eleventh.

"Puss in Boots." Who has not seen the apparently meaningless statement on the billboards, accompanied by a large black cat, with a smiling countenance, wearing a red brigand hat and high boots like those worn by the knights of old?

"What does that mean?" thousands of persons have asked every day.

Particularly it has been noticed that "Puss in Boots" occupied all the window space of the store room at the northeast corner of Eleventh and Main streets in the Wolferman building. Behind the frosted glass of that store room was a secret. It came out yesterday.

This unique name has been adopted by Fred Wolferman for his new candy store, which opened its doors yesterday morning. All the candies sold there will be made fresh each day; none is to be made six months in advance of the season and kept in cold storage.

In the unique little store will be found over a most artistic soda fountain a legendary picture of "Puss in Boots." The fountain itself is constructed of Circassian walnut, leaded mirrors and a black marble base. The candy counter will be entirely of plate glass, with the exception of the black marble base.

The candy department at Wolferman's store on Walnut street outgrew the establishment. The idea of opening a store elsewhere with a name, catchy and unique, suggested itself to Mr. Wolferman. The idea prevails to a great extent now on the Pacific coast. Mr. Wolferman advertised that a prize would be given for the most suitable name. The prize was won by Master. A. Leon Reddick, Jr., 1220 East Forty-fourth street.

Then came the almost endless task of obtaining a picture of a real friendly and attractive cat for the trade mark of "Puss in Boots." Nearly 100 sketches were submitted but they were just ordinary cats; they did not express the meaning sought. It remained, however, for Walter Rager, a bill board illustrator, to submit the smiling, good-natured black cat with which the people of Kansas City soon are to become familiar. "Puss in Boots" candy was on sale yesterday.