April 19, 1916

Returning From Funeral of Wife, Physician Found Home Robbed.

The police believe they have arrested a new brand of criminal, the funeral thief. A series of robberies in other cities occurred recently in homes where the family is attending a funeral.

Charles W. Everhart returned to his home, 4319 Madison avenue, late on Monday afternoon, after attending the funeral of Mrs. Everhart, who died on Saturday. The house was dark. he found a quantity of silverware and jewelry on the kitchen table wrapped in a table cloth. Mr. Everhart heard a noise in the rear yard and saw a man vaulting the fence. He followed him for n early a block and was able to get a detailed description of him.
Suspect Arrested.

The police arrested a man yesterday at Fortieth and Summit streets who answered the description given by Everhart. He was later identified. At police headquarters he gave the name of William Graham of Chicago. He was also identified as the man who inquired of one of Mr. Everhart's neighbors when the funeral was to be held.

Lieutenant Parker, Bertillon expert at police headquarters, looked up Graham's records and said that the latter was William Grimes, had served a seven-year term in the penitentiary at Jefferson City for assault with intent to kill. He was convicted in St. Louis.

Graham's description, the police say, fits that of a man wanted in Chicago for several clever robberies.

Graham refused to make any statement yesterday. He did not deny or affirm his guilt.