April 20, 1916 ~ TO CLEAN UP WESTPORT.

April 20, 1916

Judge of District Warns Evil Doers He Will Stick to Pledges.

Judge Joseph F. Keirnan of the South Side municipal court yesterday announced during the trial of David Nugent, a cigar dealer, 503 Westport avenue, that the Westport district is "in for a clean-up."

Nugent was arrested on suspicion of permitting a gambling game in the room back of his cigar stand, but the case was dismissed for want of sufficient evidence.

"You want to attend strictly to selling cigars," the new judge said. "I am going to keep an eye on things out there. I promised the voters before election that I wold see that no places for the illicit sale of liquor were tolerated in Westport and that all the little games would be 'run out.' I am going to keep my word."