April 21, 1916 LONGER 31st STREET SOUGHT.

April 21, 1916

Property Owners Outside City to Meet With Improvement Body.

The South Side Improvement Association will meet tonight at 3035 Main street to take up matters of importance to the district. Property owners from outside the city at the eastern end of Thirty-first street will meet with the Sough Side association in an attempt to extend Thirty-first street from its eastern terminus into the county. These farmers are also seeking the cooperation of the East Thirty-first Street Improvement Association.

Another matter which will come up will be the problem of of the Main street cut from Twenty-fourth to Twenty-seventh street. This has been opened and car tracks have been laid, but traffic is rendered dangerous because of the overhanging banks of earth at each side of the gulch. A committee from the association will appear before the board of public works this afternoon.

The association also will ask that action be taken on the item in the bond budget providing for a viaduct on Thirty-first street over Wyandotte street, which is necessary to complete the extension of Thirty-first street west from Main street.