April 23, 1916 ~ ARRAIGNED THRICE IN 3 DAYS.

April 23, 1916

"Black Mike" Now Must Face Murder Charge.

Arraignments on three criminal charges in three days will be the record of "Black Mike," whose correct name is J. J. McGovern, but who is known also as John Carroll. He was arraigned yesterday on two separate charges of robbery and will be arraigned tomorrow on a murder charge.

"Black Mike" and his crowd have kept the police department and the county officers interested for several months. He and two of his pals, Tom Bosco and John Lazia, have been in jail on charges of holding up Herman Allman's saloon, 2513 East Fifteenth street, on the night of December 29, and the H. F. Van Noy drug store on the night of January 6. Lazia was released yesterday on bond of $2,000 at his arraignment before Judge Latshaw on a charge of flourishing a weapon in a restaurant on February 29. The others are in jail.

"Black Mike's" arraignment tomorrow will be on a charge of murdering Arch Tirado. Tirado was killed on December 23. He was in love with Hazel Burschiel, a sweetheart of "Black Mike."