April 30, 1916 ~ DON'T WANT STREET PAVED.

April 30, 1916

Owners of Property on Second Object to Expense of Improvement.

Objections were filed yesterday with the streets, alleys and grades committee of the lower house of the council against the paving of Second street from Lydia to Woodland avenue. The improvement was asked for by the manufacturing interests of the district. The owners of property, who will have to pay the tax bills, argued that the paving cost would confiscate their lands. The committee will make its ruling next Friday.

The public improvements committee of the upper house killed ordinances providing for macadam paving on Swope parkway from Blue Ridge boulevard to Sixty-seventh street, because the property owners are not satisfied with the specifications.

The board of public works decided yesterday to pave Main street, Thirteenth to Eighteenth street, with creosoted blocks, and Eighteenth, Grand avenue to Woodland, with material to be selected later. Action on the paving of Walnut street, Twelfth to Nineteenth, was postponed to next Friday.

Mayor Edwards has directed the board of public works to get busy and put the paved streets of the city in a safe condition. Already, in response to orders from the board three paving companies having streets under maintenance have gangs at work on repairs, and the municipal repair plant is contributing repairs. Fifty ordinance have been prepared, ordering repairs to pavements, and 150 more are in preparation.