April 8, 1916

Sweetheart Writes to Mrs. Phillips About Intent to "Get" Husband.


Plans to Succeed "If It Takes All Summer," Says Message.

What is believed to be conclusive proof that there is a plot afoot, as revealed here last week, to murder David Phillips, wealthy farmer of Bunkerhill, Kas., was disclosed in a letter intercepted by the police here yesterday. It was addressed to an alias under which Mrs. Phillips, young wife of the farmer, received mail while here, and was signed by her alleged affinity.

The missive was written in code, as were the other letters which passed between the woman and her alleged sweetheart. The belief of the police is that the man is trying to slay Phillips so that he can marry the wife.

In the letter, the man said he had been hiding near the farm waiting for a chance to "get" Phillips, but that the farmer was on guard. The sweetheart said, however, that he would kill Phillips "if it took all summer." He spoke of being interrupted several times by men riding up to the farm house on horses and in automobiles. These are believed to be the men who are guarding Phillips.


Mrs. Phillips was arrested here, but was released when Bunkerhill authorities took no action in the case. They have not been notified of the last letter, because it is evident, the police here say, that after they are not interested much in the affair. Mrs. Phillips returned a few days ago to Bunkerhill, but thus far no word has been received whether she has gone back to her husband.

The woman's lover said he would renew his efforts to kill Phillips, but it is believed he will leave that section soon, if he has not already done so to avoid arrest. The letter follows:

Dearest Darling: I am back and nothing done. I will tell you how it was. I left here Saturday at 3:30 and went to Russell and got my supper and went to the pool hall to get some tobacco. Was ready to go when Hill Hagan came in. "Well," he says, "I thought you was in Colorado." I told him I had been in Denver all week and was going to walk over here and go out to my claim today. Well, then I slipped away and started out to the Phillips ranch. I got on the wrong trail and camped about four miles northwest on the river Sunday morning.
I crossed the river and slipped up that big canyon east of Mike Houdyshell's I hid my wheel on the "ninety acres." I went down on dry run and waited for a chance to get to the barn. The first thing I saw was some * * * on a horse. I think it was Werner.


   Well, he left and I thought everything was all O. K., when, all of a sudden a Ford came driving in and stayed until about 7:30.
   When the driver of the ford left, I heard him say to old Dave Phillips: "If there is anything I can do for you, let me know." I thought for sure my chance was near, but -- what do you think, he has another hired man by the name of John, and he seemed to stick pretty close. There was another guy came on a gray pony and I heard the old devil say he was eating plenty of corn dodgers so he could dodge the .44's. I think he is scared because they went to the house and put the blinds down and kept the door closed. Now, wouldn't that cork you? I never saw Crazy Bill, but he may still be there. I met happy coming home from church, but he never knew me.


   Oh, darling, what will we do? I think I better go up Friday and stay around there some place. If John is still there, him and Bill will be in the fields and I can get him then. I am going down to the Bend tonight and try to get some money to work with, but I will get the * * * if it takes all summer. I want you to write as soon as you get this, and let me know how you are.
Also, what you think? Oh, darling, am so damn tired that I don't know what to do. I am going to take a bath and go to bed till the train comes. If you write to Lamar, let me know. Don't worry, darling, we will get rid of him yet. I hope it won't be long
   If I can't get a chance next time, I will come down and see you. Well, darling, I am getting so damn tired I will have to stop. Be sure and write me here. Take good care of yourself. Love and kisses. I am ever yours ----