May 1, 1916

Socially Pleasant Foodpads Again Working: Get $39 a Night.

The police are looking for a mysterious pair of police highwaymen who have been operating in Kansas City during the last ten days.

E. L. Crouch of 322 Harrison street was walking north on Harrison street last night when he was accosted by two young men at Eleventh street.

"We hate to disturb you at this time of the night," one of the men told Mr. Crouch as he fingered a revolver meditatively, "but we are in need of a little ready cash. Now, will you be so kind as to allow my partner to go through your pockets?"

Mr. Crouch diplomatically permitted the bandit's assistant to take $39 from a vest pocket. The robber with the gun counted the money carefully and tucked it in his pocket.

"I do not want you to feel that we are ordinary footpads," the gentlemanly outlaw told his victim, "because we are not. My companion and I are merely doing this work for the pleasure we derive from it and not from any mercenary cause. Good evening, sir. I hope you have very pleasant dreams."

A similar holdup occurred on last Friday night at Thirty-seventh and Main streets. In both instance the robbers were courteous and flowery of speech.