May 12, 1916

Martial Notes of Italian Bugle Calls Stir Him to Patriotic Words.

The bugle notes of the Italian army assembly call rang through the fourth floor of the Hotel Baltimore yesterday afternoon, awaking strange echos. Perfect each note, clear and true, only a master could have produced such tones. Then followed the Italian army reveille, gracefully slurred a stirring call to arise. Again it was played, piercing strong, then delicately soft. The player paused. Standing in Room 435, he held a horn aloft in one hand and gesticulated with the other.

"Fifty years ago today, my friend, a half century ago this very day, I played that call. Played it in the Tryol in the ranks of Garibaldi's army to the music of the retreating Austrians. I, Alessandro Liberati, played it in Bezzecca, where only two months ago the brave Italian army, after fifty years, again made the Austrians flee. So I play the bugle call again, ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta, while the victorious Italian army marches over the same ground that I, Liberati, did so many years ago with Garibaldi.

"It is like a dream, almost, my friend. Fifty years ago with Garibaldi, and today the brave Italian army again is conquering the Austrian Tyrol. Few are left of Garibaldi's army. Fifty years is a long time, but I, Liberati, I still play."