May 15, 1916 ~ MAN SWALLOWS A FROG.

May 15, 1916

John Arnold Fights Assistance Until He Ejects Live Amphibian.

John Arnold, 45 years old, swallowed a small frog while drinking from a spring near Twenty-seventh street and Spring avenue, Kansas City, Kas., yesterday. Arnold, who had stopped at teh spring to quench his thirst , was seen running through the streets, tearing madly at his clothing. Neighbors could not control him and the police were summoned.

At the Emergency hospital little could be learned by Dr. G. H. Hobson, a police surgeon, as to the cause of Arnold's misery and suffering. A stomach pump was applied in the belief that he might have tried to commit suicide. Arnold fought desperately until an emetic was given as a last resort.

The result was the ejection of a tiny but lively frog. The whale that swallowed Jonah, and John Arnold, who swallowed a frog, now will occupy rival positions in medical works.