May 19, 1916 ~ DR. PAUL PAQUIN VERY ILL.

May 19, 1916

Health Director Believed to Be Threatened with Meningitis.

Dr. Paul Paquin, director of the public health, is very ill in his room at the new tuberculosis hospital, where he took up his temporary residence for the purpose of directing the beginning of the work at the institution. His symptoms indicate that he is threatened with cerebral meningitis, it is said. Dr. W. L. Gist, Dr. Paquin's assistant, and Dr. W. W. Duke are in attendance and declare his condition as serious.

It is believed that Dr. Paquin's illness is due to his unflagging attention to the cause of public health and the various plans he has been earnestly promoting toward protecting it. Hi has not been well for some time and became bedfast on Tuesday.