May 20, 1916

Suggestions From the East to Be Included in Plans Here.

L. A. Halbert, superintendent of the board of public welfare, returned yesterday from the national conference of social workers at Indianapolis. He brought back many suggestions regarding features to be tried out in the proposed new women's reformatory on which plans are to be definitely made this week.

Mr. Halbert says that great care has been taken in the Indianapolis institution to eliminate the atmosphere of a prison. Even the bars on the windows are sent into the glass in such a way as to have the appearance of fancy window panes and are painted white. Each woman is given a room to herself and the furniture is neatly enameled in white. There is a rug on the floor of the room, pictures on the wall and a fine mirror.

"I consider that the humanest item of all, giving them a mirror," said Mr. Halbert. "A woman always wants a chance to know how she looks and personally I believe in the mirror as a preserver of self-respect even more so than vanity."

A discussion was also held of the possibility of interesting the government in carrying part of the burden of ill, degenerate or incompetent humanity now shouldered by the state and municipal philanthropic bodies.