May 24, 1916


Masterpiece of Engraver's Art Is Being Shown Here.

M. E. Lundberg of Spokane, Wash., who is in the city, is the possessor of two works of the engravers art, which are said to be the finest of their kind in existence. One is a gold pin, the head of which is 47 one-thousandths of an inch in diameter and upon which is engraved the Lord's Prayer. The other is a gold sewing needle upon the point of which is engraved "U. S." The engravings were made by Mr. Lundberg's brother, who formerly was a bank note engraver for the German government. As he progressed in his trade he attempted continually to surpass works of engraving of which he learned. Until two years ago the "championship" in this line was held by the Chinese. Lundberg used a highly tempered steel needle to do this work. Gold was the material for the pin because of its finer grain. The work was performed under the lens of a high power microscope. One gold pen was spoiled after nine months' work had been put upon it. The vibrations caused by a passing wagon caused the engraving needle to waver.

The next attempt was made far from any possibility of vibrations. The engraving was completed and enclosed in a glass case. The letters can be seen only through a microscope. The needle bearing the letters "U. S." on its point also is enclosed in a glass tube. The engraver is now an invalid and is writing a text book on engraving at his home in Spokane.

My brother has been offered $6,000 for the engraved pin," Mr. Lundberg said yesterday, "but he would as soon sell a member of the family as this one masterpiece of the engraver's art."