May 5, 1916

Man Who Robbed Linwood Blvd. Home of $1,000 Dotes on Dumas.

Desirous of showing his knowledge of literature, the burglar who robbed the home of Mrs. David Green, 2008 Linwood boulevard, of jewelry valued at nearly $1,000 early yesterday morning, talked fluently on the works of Shakespeare, Dumas, Dickens and Hugo.

Mrs. Green was awakened by the burglar in an adjoining room and when she investigated she found that the intruder had a revolver with an electric flashlight attached. He talked very politely to Mrs. Green as he took a diamond necklace and several diamond rings.

"I love to pore over Shakespeare during my spare hours, Madame," the burglar said, "and I can reel off the speeches of Lady Macbeth and Falstaff as easily as I used to speak the Golden Rule in Sunday school. Dickens is a wonderful character writer: -- and the burglar's eyes lighted up when he spied a gold wrist watch --"but I think he is a little out of date. Hugo was a brilliant man. You understand, Madame, that I am of French descent and of a prominent family. This ring is a beauty."

The burglar did not take Mrs. Green's wedding ring. With a critical eye, however, he examined an expensive bracelet, and kept on his conversation about great authors.

"Alexandre Dumas, to my mind, although I will allow you to disagree if you care to do so, is the greatest of all French writers. He can put more action to a story than Hugo, although he cannot use Victor's extravagant language. I think I have taken all of your most valuable jewels. Good evening."

A minute later Mrs. Green telephoned the police department about the robbery and gave a description of the gentleman burglar.