May 7, 1916

Turns In Handbag to Police When Separated From Owner.

That honesty is still an existing virtue was amply demonstrated to Mrs. K. D. Cornfield of St. Joseph, Mo., and the police of the Walnut street police station last night. Mrs. Cornfield arrived in Kansas City over the St. Joseph interurban about 7 o'clock. Descending from the car at the corner of Twelfth street and Grand avenue, she called a young man standing on the corner and asked him to carry her traveling bag. The young lad was Frank Holmes, 12 years old, who lives on Sixteenth street, between Charlotte and Campbell.

The lad gathered the idea that Mrs. Cornfield wanted to go to the Interurban terminal at Thirteenth and Walnut streets. Mrs. Cornfield, however, was bound for the Hotel Muehlebach. Between Grand avenue and Walnut street the two became separated in the crowd. The lad continued on to the terminal and there waited for the owner of the bag to appear.

Mrs. Cornfield failed to discover the lad's disappearance until she reached the hotel. Then there was some excitement, for the bag contained her jewelry. The boy in the meantime had become tired of waiting and taken the bag to the Walnut street police station. After considerable telephoning the police finally located its owner at the hotel and the house detective was sent to claim the bag. Mrs. Cornfield valued its contents, including the jewelry, at $212. They boy left the police station before the owner of the bag was found and now the police are wondering if he will receive a reward because of his honesty.