January 31, 1907


Greetings From a Man Whom a Visitor Believed Dead.

When R. C. Bortwood, of Auxvasse, Mo., arrived at the Union depot last night in response to a telegram, he found a brother-in-law, whom he supposed to be dead, there to greet him, and a brother-in-law, whom he had expected to find alive, dead in a Westport undertaking establishment.

John N. Addison, an employe of the Metropolitan Street Railway Company, died Tuesday while at work on a bridge over Brush creek and was found some time later in the stream. His wife at the time was visiting her parents near Centralia, Mo., and a telegram was sent to her.

J. B. Divers, who resides at 1921 Harrison, a brother-in-law of Mrs. Addsion, telegraphed Bortwood, a brother of Mrs. Addison, advising him of the death. The telegram was received at Auxvasse and repeated over the rural telephone to Bortwood. In repeating, the message was changed to convey the information that Addison had wired of Divers' death, and Bortwood started for Kansas City on that theory. He was greeted here by the brother-in-law he mourned as dead.

No word has been received from Mrs. Addison and the body of her husband is now held at Lindsey's undertaking establishment in Westport.