January 5, 1907

Edward Taylor, Fiance of "Girl Burglar,"
Released on Condition

On the condition that he use a marriage license which he had secured and marry Miss Cassie Pope, Edward W. Taylor, fined $100 in police court yesterday for vagrancy, was given a stay on the fine. He had to promise to leave the city.

Cassie Pope was arrested about a year ago in company with a man named Phillips. She confessed that together they had robbed at least a dozen houses here in the city. A great deal of the stolen property was recovered and Phillips sent to the penitentiary.

Taylor and Miss Pope met at the home of the former's sister two weeks ago. They planned marriage and Thursday the sicense was secured. The police arrested Taylor on suspicion, however, and he was yesterday convicted of vagrancy. He has been working as a railroad check clerk.