February 2, 1907



Dora Owens, 13, Says a Tooth Was Loosened and Her Nose Made to Bleed by Albert Evans, and Mother Tells Police.

Because Dora Owens, 13 years old, a pupil in his school, made a face at him, Albert Evans, principal of the Bancroft school in Kansas City, Kas., struck her in the mouth with such a force as to loosen one of her teeth, lacerate her lips, and make her nose bleed. This is the story told by Mrs. Tenny Wilburn, of 508 Elizabeth avenue, the child's mother. She swore out a warrant for Principal Evans' arrest yesterday.

"My little girl came home Wednesday," said Mrs. Wilburn last night, "with blood streaming from her mouth and nose, and her dress was red with it. She told me that the principal had struck her in the mouth with his hand, and I believe it, because one of her teeth was knocked loose.

"The only reason I know for him to have punished her was because she asked to be excused. She is a sickly little girl and unable to attend school all of the time."

Mrs. Wilburn says this is not the first time that she has heard of Principal Evans striking his pupils, and she declares her intention of prosecuting him as far as the law allows. She is the wife of W. M. Wilburn, an employee of Armour & Co. Dora Owens is her own child from a former marriage.

Principal Evans tells a more complete story. He admits to striking the little girl, but he says he only slapped across the moth with the back of his hand. She had made a face at him while he was talking to her about her continual breaches of discipline, he says.

Dora is a pupil in the Fifth grade, taught by Miss Florence Knox. Miss Knox frequently complained to me of the little girl's conduct, saying she was practically uncontrollable. Wednesday the teacher came to me and told me that Dora refused to obey her, and that unless she became better in her conduct, she couldn't be kept in her room any longer.

"I had no sooner begun than she puckered up her features, and made a face at me. Then I slapped her with the back of my hand. Her nose began to bleed, and with her hands she smeared the blood over her face and dress and went home."

Superintendent of Schools M. E. Pearson said last night that the matter had been called to his attention, and that he is investing it. The warrant for Principal Evans' arrest was in the hands of the police.