February 1, 1907

Ambrose Gallagher Brought Back
From Buffalo to Face Charge.

Detective Joseph Keshlear arrived here last night at 9:30 o'clock with Ambrose Gallagher, a prisoner for whom he went to Buffalo, N. Y. Gallagher is charged with embezlement. The complaint is sworn to by J. H. Lyman, general agent of the Chicago Great Western railway, and alleges that Gallagher stole $200 from that company in January, 1906, wile acting as cashier in their freight office at Seventh and Hickory streets. In telling of his travels after leaving here Gallagher said:

"I went straight to Omaha, Neb., from here on January 28, 1906, the day I left. After staying there a few days I went to Chicago where I found greater latitude for spending money. When the money was all gone I went ot Buffalo, N. Y., got a job right off with the New York Central about the middle of February and have been there ever since."

The prisoner says that he was bonded with a surety company and that he presumed it was the surety company which caused his arrest and will prosecute him.

Gallagher's wife, whom he has not seen since he left here, was at the police station Monday asking when he would be returned. He said he thought his wife was with "the folks in Kansas." Gallagher probably will be arraigned before a justice today.