February 20, 1907


Lost Consciousness When Husband
Was Sentenced to Prison.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged and assess his punishment at three years in the penitentiary. ---

A well dressed woman of middle age slipped from her chair in the criminal court room yesterday when she heard those words read by the clerk, and was caught up by deputies. She was unconscious. It was the verdict against her husband for obtaining property under false pretenses, and she had fainted. The woman was Mr. S. M. Miller, the wife of a Chillicothe real estate dealer. She was carried to one of the side rooms and revived. Her husband's lawyer gave notice of appeal, furnished bond, and Mr. and Mrs. Miller left for Chillicothe last night.

A year or more ago Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Freeman owned a home on Brighton avenue. It was worth $1,200, they said. One day Miller came to town and offered to trade them for it 143 acres of what he said was good and improved real estate in Carter county, Mo.

The trade went through and the transfers were made. The Freemans went to look at their new farm. It was not what they expected, by any means. It was not improved as Miller said, lay on the side of a mountain and was very poor land. They sought to trade back, but Miller refused. Then they consulted a lawyer, with the result that Miller was arrested and is now convicted. The Freemans will get their home back. Miller is over 50 years of age.