February 22, 1907


It Was Said Last Night That He Was
Improving Steadily.
Judge J. W. Wofford of the criminal court, who has been severely ill for the last two weeks, had a sinking spell yesterday morning that was serious enough to alarm his family and friends. Clarence Wofford, his son, who is stenographer of the criminal court, was sent for in a hurry and court was adjourned. Judge B. J. Casteel, of St. Joseph, who has been sitting in Judge Wofford's place during the latter's illness, dismissed court till Monday morning, after a short eulogy on the sick jurist.
Judge Wofford rallied by noon, however, and improved a great deal during the afternoon and more during the evening. His physician, Dr. J. V. Kinyoun, said late last evening:
"Judge Wofford is very much better and has every symptom at present of improving steadily."
Judge Wofford is 69 years old. For a good many years he has suffered with stomach trouble and during the last few months has suffered greatly with acute indigestion. He is sensitive about his condition, and often insisted on holding court when his friends in the court room thought they could see that he was suffering. He "pooh-poohed" any reference to his illness and insisted that he was very well indeed, or that he was at most having a slight attack of indigestion that would soon be over.
Judge Wofford has served on the criminal court bench here for about fifteen years. He was re-elected two years ago for another term of six years. He lives at 1012 Vine street.